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Typically preformed at the request of the insurance company to determine the age and condition of the four major systems in the home. This includes the roof, heating & air conditioning, electrical and plumbing systems.

Four Point Inspection

Coming soon.. Still properly training and gathering required credentials.

Residential Energy Survey

This is currently only being required by Citizens Insurance of Florida. They usually require this inspection to be done on homes older than 25 years when it is unknown when the last roof replacement was done.

Citizens Roof Certification

For prospective buyers and sellers in the Clearwater area I would be happy to perform a home inspection to educate you on the potential property you are considering purchasing. I am fully licensed and insured and have been working in the Tampa Bay, Clearwater, St. Petersburg area for more than 8 years. Through experience, expertise and education you know your home is in good hands with me. For more information about Home Inspections please see my other website

I am also licensed and do conduct Home Inspections...

In addition to Wind Mitigation Inspections

Other Inspections