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If you home has a hip shaped roof over the entire structure this enables you to a substantial discount on your homeowners insurance. You must have a wind mitigation inspection done to receive the reduction in premium. So call today, don’t wait! 727-278-5148

This feature can be viewed inside of your attic attaching the top of the wall to the roof system. Most homes in the Tampa Bay Area built after about 1960 or so will have this feature. This also enables you for a reduction in your homeowners policy!

If you home has a hurricane shutter or a hurricane impact tested object in every opening with glass in it. You may also be eligible for discounts on your homeowners insurance. An inspection from can help you save hundreds! Call Today.

Does your home

have a feature

similar to these?

This is a Hurricane Shutter...

This is a Clip or Strap...

This is a Hip Shaped Roof...

A few years ago the State of Florida passed some laws stating that if your home has certain features to it then your insurance company must give you a discount for those features. Three of those features are listed above. There are an additional five features which you may be eligible to receive a discount for. Only a wind mitigation inspection using form OIR-B1-1802 signed by an experienced inspector such as myself can tell you if your eligible.

During the inspection process I will come to your home for anywhere between 30 minutes to an hour and thoroughly evaluate all wind mitigating features of your home. I will take photographs and notes of each feature as required by your insurance company. I will then e-mail your report to you within 24 hours from the time of the inspection. The attached report will contain all information necessary to receive a discount on your homeowners insurance.

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Not only can your inspection allow you to receive a substantial discount on your homeowners insurance, it can also bring you peace of mind.

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